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By Destination Unlimited on in Travel

Uchiwa, a type of Japanese fan, were originally made out of large leaves and animal hair. Today, they're typically made from bamboo and paper. As part of seasonal traditions, uchiwa were often given as gifts during the hotter seasons.

Making uchiwa is a great craft to work on with your kids at home while learning more about Japanese culture.

You'll need:
-2 pieces of paper (the thicker, the better)
-Colored pencils, crayons, or markers
-Fly swatter (preferably one that is bigger)

To start, place your fly swatter on a piece of paper. Trace a circle around it, leaving the bottom part a flat edge. Draw a gentle curve that bends into the circle where the flat edge is.

Place both pieces of paper together and cut out the shape that you drew so that you'll have two identical pieces. Decorate one side each of your two pieces of paper.

When your designs are complete, glue the back of one of your paper cutouts and press the fly swatter into place making sure that part of the fly swatter is showing (similar to how the bamboo shows on the uchiwa). Repeat with the other cutout and place on the other side of the fly swatter.

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