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By Destination Unlimited on in Travel

Looking for a craft to keep your little ones entertained? How about crafting a pyramid?

What you'll need:

1. White printer paper
2. Colored pencils, crayons, or markers
3. Cotton balls
4. Glue

Select a large piece of paper to act as the background. Decorate the top two-thirds or so as the sky and the remainder as sand, which will act as the ground. If you're feeling really creative and have a sand box or other sand around, you can even glue real sand to the bottom.

Grab another piece of paper and draw a triangle. The triangle will become the pyramid and will be getting a bit taller, so keep that in mind for the size. Cut out your triangle shape.

Cut the triangle into horizontal strips (they should be going lengthwise parallel to the triangle base). The horizontal strips will mimic the shape of the pyramid steps.

Your child can then color the strips however they choose. This is a good time to show them some pictures or videos with pyramids so they can learn about the history and get an idea of the colors they want to use for their monument.

Glue the finished strips to the background starting with the longest strip on the bottom going in order to the smallest at the top, leaving a small space between each strip.

For an extra touch, you can grab a couple of cotton balls to use as clouds. Just pull apart the cotton balls a bit and glue them on!

And just like that, you've occupied your little one and snuck some education in too!

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